Ismael Rodriguez: The Creative Visionary Behind Retro Casual

Ismael Rodriguez, a multi-talented game developer and creative visionary, is the founder and driving force behind Retro Casual LLC. Based in New Britain, Connecticut, Retro Casual has flourished under Ismael's leadership, becoming synonymous with innovation and originality in the gaming industry.

With a diverse skillset and strong educational foundation (Associate of Applied Science (AAS) degree in Digital Media Production and a Certificate in Film and Video), Ismael has achieved remarkable success within the gaming industry. Among his personal accomplishments, he secured 1st place Overall in Ludum Dare 46 (Keep It Alive) and 2nd place Overall and in Fun in Ludum Dare 48 (Below The Ocean).

The captivating games created by Ismael, under the Retro Casual umbrella, have been published on prominent platforms such as Google Play, Itch, Steam, and are soon to arrive on platforms like Apple's App Store and Nintendo Switch. One of his standout creations, "Toy Cavers," garnered well-deserved attention when featured on the esteemed gaming website Kotaku:

Ismael, representing Retro Casual, is committed to sharing valuable insights with the gaming community through insightful post-mortem blogs and informative YouTube videos. His dedication to authenticity and originality sets both him and his company apart as standout players in the world of game development.

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