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Box Room is a fast-paced puzzle arcade game that combines match-3 mechanics with dungeon exploration elements. Players navigate through a sprawling, interconnected dungeon, using magical boxes to solve puzzles and overcome challenges. Developed by Ismael Rodriguez and published by Retro Casual LLC, the game released on Steam on April 27, 2024.

Game Information

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Story Synopsis

In "Box Room" players take on the role of Rami, a treasure hunter who seeks to rescue his wife Lia, who is taken captive by the magic of a mysterious box. Inside the box, Rami meets Daety, a strange doll who watches over the box. Daety loves to play games, and especially loves boxes!

Developer Information

Ismael Rodriguez, the sole developer of Box Room, possesses a solid educational background, holding an Associate of Applied Science (AAS) degree in Digital Media Production, complemented by a Certificate in Film and Video. This strong foundation has enabled him to excel in creating captivating and innovative gaming experiences.

Ismael celebrated a successful launch of "Below the Ocean" in December 2021, and "Tuttle: Star Flower Harvest" in 2023. Ismael's notable achievements, including 1st place Overall in Ludum Dare 46 and 2nd place Overall in Ludum Dare 48, have led to his games being showcased on platforms such as Google Play, Itch, and Steam. Among his impressive creations, "Toy Cavers" gained recognition when it was featured on the popular gaming news website, Kotaku.

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Twitter: @ishyrodriguez
Instagram: @ismaelrodriguezgamedev

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