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"Tuttle: Star Flower Harvest" is an action-arcade farm-simulator focusing on growing genetically modified Starflowers, set in the distant frontiers of space, where Earth is long forgotten. Developed by Ismael Rodriguez and published by Retro Casual LLC, the game is scheduled for release on Steam on June 20, 2023.

Game Information

Key Features

Story Synopsis

In "Tuttle: Star Flower Harvest," players take on the role of Eloy Wilson, a gardener hired by Starflower Inc. to cultivate valuable genetically modified Starflowers in deep space. As they progress, players receive emails from various characters, including Starflower Inc. executives and the eco-activist group Pure Planet Org.

Through these interactions, players uncover the dark secrets behind Starflower Inc.'s operations and their environmental consequences. Players must choose their path, deciding whether to continue working for the corporation or join the resistance against them, ultimately determining the fate of the Starflowers and the galaxy's future.

Development Philosophy

Since January 2023, solo developer Ismael Rodriguez has been passionately crafting "Tuttle: Star Flower Harvest," taking on roles such as art, music, sound, programming, story, and design. At Retro Casual, our mission is to create concise, unique experiences exploring diverse gameplay mechanics, aiming to captivate our audience and push creative boundaries in gaming."

At Retro Casual, we believe in embracing cutting-edge technology to empower our creative process. We proudly use AI tools to help streamline our workflow and enhance the quality of our games. By integrating AI into our development, we can focus on creating unique and engaging experiences for our players while showcasing the potential of AI to complement and elevate the work of talented developers.

Developer Information

Established in 2022 by Ismael Rodriguez, Retro Casual is an indie game development studio located in New Britain, Connecticut. Ismael possesses a solid educational background, holding an Associate of Applied Science (AAS) degree in Digital Media Production, complemented by a Certificate in Film and Video. This strong foundation has enabled him to excel in creating captivating and innovative gaming experiences.

The studio celebrated a successful launch of "Below The Ocean" in December 2021. Ismael's notable achievements, including 1st place Overall in Ludum Dare 46 and 2nd place Overall in Ludum Dare 48, have led to his games being showcased on platforms such as Google Play, Itch, and Steam. Among his impressive creations, "Toy Cavers" gained recognition when it was featured on the popular gaming news website, Kotaku.

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Twitter: @ishyrodriguez
Instagram: @ismaelrodriguezgamedev

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